Presentation: Contemporary Islam: Tendency and Dynamics

Eastern Tunes Festival and Tea room Na Kopečku are inviting you to the presentation

“Contemporary Islam: Tendency and Dynamics” (CZ)

Presentator: Bronislav Ostřanský (Oriental Institute Czech Academy of Sciences)

Saturday, 29.6. 2019 at 17h

Tea House Na Kopečku,
(Krásnolipská 22, Rumburk)

In order to correct the multitude of errors and half-truths about Islam and Muslims, which have already become an essential feature of most public controversy in this field, the lecture offers a realistic “diagnosis”. An attempt of a fact-check of the popular apocalyptic vision of the “clash of civilizations” is being made. The presentation includes a number of important factors that contribute to events in a significant part of the world – from the “erosion of authority” and the challenges of the “information age” to the fight for the hearts of the faithful, which is being led by different profiled interpretations of Islam. Publications of the Academia publishing house are available as souvenirs free of charge.

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