Eastern Tunes 2019

Friday 5.7., 21h: Screening Qetiq Rock ́n ́Urumchi

The programme starts on July 6th at 12.00


The Venopian Solitude (Alternative Rock, Malaysia) [looking for patrons / sponsors!]
ZÃY (Folk Indie Spiritual Music, Tunisia) [looking for patrons / sponsors!]
Shahab Tolouie Quintet (EthnoFlamenco, CZ, Iran)
Mukaddas Mijit (Uyghur dance, F) [looking for patrons / sponsors!]
Krylia Origami (Intelligent Indie Rock´n´Roll, Uzbekistan)
Malox (Massive Avantgarde Jazz, Israel) [looking for patrons!]
Jakub Zeman – (Japanese Sword Art, CZ)
DJ Syriantal – (Syria)
and more…

Additional Programme

Entertaining-educational children’s afternoon

Theater and the incredible world of games
Asian games and educational games for kids
Documentary films
Henna Tattoos
Asian and local snacks
Cvikov brewery
and much more


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Entrance fee: 150 CZK / 6 EUR

Sponsors and Partners

Spolek dokořán Rumburk z.s.
Město Mikulášovice
Stany Mountent s.r.o.
Město Velký Šenov
e.V. Zittau
Ajeto spol. s r.o. Czech Glass Craft
Felix Ritter e.K.
H a K Haback v.o.s.


Thonmi z.s.
Program changes and modifications reserved
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