A jump over the border

A project for meeting and getting acquainted with foreign cultures aimed at improving cultural tolerance and reducing the spreading xenophibia in the czech-german border region.

The project days as part of the cross-border project “Ein Sprung über die Grenze” (“A jump over the border”) will be put into reality with our german partner Emil e.V. Zittau, with whom we agree that mutual understanding and tolerance are the key to a better living together of the nations. With our activities we want to give children and adults the chance to exceed our own cultural horizon and support not only living together of czech and german people, but also of other ethnic groups living on both sides of the border.

The project covers public education for german-czech visitors, for example lectures, screening of documentaries about actual social policy in Asia and Middle East or educational days for children from the czech-german border region. A nice variety will also be the Eastern Tunes Festival, where not only local artists but also artists who will present contemporary and authentic pieces from Asia and Middle East.

The project days will take place partly im Mikulášovice on the premises of the Thonmi association, in Rumburk at the teahouse Na Kopečku and at our partners in Zittau at the music club Emil.

The event is part of the project “Ein Sprung über die Grenze” (“A jump over the border”) which is supported by the European Union from the fonds for regional development as part of the cooperational program Czech Republic – Freistaat Sachsen 2014 – 2020 with the fonds for small projects in the Euroregion Neisse.

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