31.1.2018 Presentation: Tent or settlement? Tibetan nomads under the influence of Chinese development policy

(Dr. Jarmila Ptáčková)

Current development policy in western China does not only affect the landscape and the environment, but also the daily lives of local residents such as the Tibetans. The government’s ambition is not only to expand and connection of existing cities, but also to urbanize rural areas and modernize “backward” livelihoods, such as pastoralism. In the last ten years, a number of new settlements for nomads have been established on Tibetan pastures. The new homes should provide the nomads with a more comfortable living environment and the housing estates should provide better services and the opportunity to engage in a broader labor market, which shall improve the socio-economic situation of nomadic families. In practice, there are problems with this strategy, and in many cases the living conditions of families deteriorate further as a result of the development measures.

18:00 SI Tančírna Balahala Rumburk

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