18. – 19.9.2021 Oriental weekend in cooperation with Teehouse Na kopečku Rumburk

Sat. 18.9. Presentation and discussion (CZ/DE) about the land of the uyghurs (todays Xinjiang in CHINA), by O. Klimeš (Czech academy of sciences). From 18:00 at Čajovna na kopečku, Krásnolipská 540/22, 408 01 Rumburk. -> More Information (CZ) *
Sun. 18.9. Uyghur homemade cuisine ať the restaurant U bílého jaka in Vilemov.

* The event is part of the project “Jump the Borders”, which is supported by the European Union from the european funds for regional development within the cooperation program Czechia – Freistaat Sachsen 2014 – 2020 in the context of the funds for small projects of Euroregion Nisa.

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