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According to the traditional religion of Mongolian nomads, each prominent place in the landscape has its spirit – the so-called “ruler”.

OVOOS – are used to worship these deities of Nature. The word ovoo meaning a “pile” in Mongolian, they are usually built in the form of stone heaps, but wood can also be used.

Source: https://www.toursmongolia.com/

Ovoos are most often located at the top of a hill or next to a river or spring, but they can also be found in a pass or at a crossroads where they are more easily accessible.

What does an ovoo look like and what is it made from?

Ovoos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It depends on the importance of the local spirit, the ruler, but also on their location. The more accessible an ovoo is, the bigger it gets.

The shapes and materials used for an ovoo partly depend on the traditions of each area, but there are no set rules for the construction of ovoos. The most common are heaps of stones, a kind of “teepee” made of thin wooden poles and bundles of willow branches, but we can also find brick structures. Some ovoos also have a special altar. Each passer-by will add something of their choice to the ovoo.